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UV Sterilization Vacuum Cleaner

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Clean up crumbs, mites, even pet hair!

Germ Purge

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Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum

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Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum
Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum
Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum
Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum
Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum
Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum

Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum

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Sleep cleaner than ever before with the Ultra Violet Bed Vacuum.

The Vacuum is especially made to remove any harmful allergens from surfaces to create a cleaner and happier home environment.

Why would you need it?

 Removes Potentially Harmful or irritable debris - The UV Bed Vacuum picks up and removes pet hair, dander, mites, and other potentially harmful allergens from fabric surfaces.

 Sterilizes and disinfects 99%  - UV- Sterilizations is able to break down germs, allergens, and other potentially harmful microorganisms that may be lingering on the surface.

 Strong suction power - Contains a 2300 RPM Motor that ensures so no crumbs, debris, or mites are left behind.

 50℃(122°F) hot air dehumidification - Hot air dehumidification eliminates allergens and dust by getting rid of any water lingering on the surface.

 Triple Filtration system - Comprised of a pin hole filter, HEPA Filter, and Activated Charcoal Sponge that secures even the smallest particles.


Helps You:

Remove 90% of all mites and their excrement 

 Sleep Better knowing you have linens that are clean with no debris or allergens.

Create a safer and healthier home environment

    Package Contents:
    • Vacuum
    • Cleaning brush
    • User Manual

     12 - 24 hour fulfillment with 5-10 days shipping